Hug & kiss your pet again and forever

Customize stuffued animal according to your pet picture, 7-year experienced handcraft studio, specializing in handmade pet cloning

  • Pet head clone, hanging in your car, or on bags

    Keep your cherished pet by your side, every moment, every second, for eternity

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  • 3D frame style pet clone

    Clone your beloved pet in 3D frames. Cherish the memories forever

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  • Full body style pet clone

    Capture your pet's essence in full body style! You can hug your buddy once more and forever!

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Grief Support Of Pet Loss

By customizing a realistic stuffed animal, you can once again hug and kiss your beloved pet, and keeping the memories forever by your side


Nine years ago, my world lost a splash of color. My faithful companion, my beloved dog, suddenly departed from me. It hit me hard, and I’ve been really struggling.

Until one day, I commissioned a craftsman to custom-make a plush replica of him. Embracing him again, I was moved to tears.

Later, I entered this field and befriended several craftsmen. We shared our passion, supporting each other's growth. We deeply believe: though pet lives may have a beginning and an end, love and memories endure forever.

Now, I hope to share this unique sentiment with you, bringing you a special companion just as it did for me. Let's step into this warm world together, experiencing the power of love and companionship.