Nine years ago, my world lost a splash of color. My faithful companion, my beloved dog, suddenly departed from me. It hit me hard, and I’ve been really struggling.

Until one day, I commissioned a craftsman to custom-make a plush replica of him. Embracing him again, I was moved to tears.

Later, I entered this field and befriended several craftsmen. We shared our passion, supporting each other's growth. We deeply believe: though pet lives may have a beginning and an end, love and memories endure forever.

Now, I hope to share this unique sentiment with you, bringing you a special companion just as it did for me. Let's step into this warm world together, experiencing the power of love and companionship

Every time you choose cloudclovers, you're not just bringing home a cherished keepsake; you're embracing a heartfelt commitment to the well-being of animals in need.

A dedicated portion of your purchase becomes a lifeline for independent shelters, where it's used to provide essential care, comfort, and a second chance for animals awaiting their forever homes.